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Who We Serve

We Work With Next-Door Millionaires & Diligent Savers To Secure Their Financial Lives  

Many clients of ours are what some might refer to as the “Millionaire Next Door.” These are people who have accumulated wealth in a variety of ways—from professionals who saved over a lifetime to those who have received money as a result of a gift or change in marital status.

Our clients are experiencing growing wealth complexity and appreciate the hands-on support we provide to improve their financial outcomes.

Our Clients

Retirees & Pre-retirees Pikesville, MD Snyder Asset Management

Retirees & Pre-Retirees

If you’re nearing or in retirement, we’ll help you navigate the various aspects of your finances—from Social Security to legacy planning—for a confident, relaxed retirement.

Widows & Divorcees Pikesville, MD Snyder Asset Management

Widows & Divorcees

We are here as your trusted resource. Together, we’ll come to understand your new financial situation and help you reach greater peace of mind.

Business Owners Pikesville, MD Snyder Asset Management

Business Owners

When it comes to balancing your business and personal finances, we’ll work with you to simplify your complexities and optimize every piece of your wealth picture.  

Physicians Pikesville, MD Snyder Asset Management


You’ve worked hard to accumulate your wealth. We’ll help you fulfill the potential of your money through comprehensive, proactive support in line with your objectives.

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